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Most medium to small residential homes in American use this standard 5"or 6” K-Style aluminum gutter profile. This K-Style design is fabricated from .027 aluminum with a baked on enamel finish. Clogged gutters may cause damage to the fascia which can lead to more issues. Use our 2x3 inch aluminum square corrugated downpipe with 5" K style gutter systems. Each downpipe is 10 feet in length. These gutters are made from .019" aluminum with a baked on enamel finish. One downpipe is required per single story downspout assembly.

Gutter Guards

Cleaning gutters is no fun at all, and  Gutter guards are able to prevent your gutters from clogging with leaves, as well as water and debris. We use Micro-Mesh filters that go over your gutters for easy clean up and replacement.